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A Google Lovefest on 60 Minutes

January 3, 2005

For those of you who missed, CBS offered a fawning portrait of Google on last night's installment of 60 Minutes.
Aside from a brief mention of the Microsoft threat, Leslie Stahl's lovefest had little negative to say about everyone's favorite Internet company.
Well, not quite everyone. As we reported last year, Google the Internet darling can also be Google the Internet danger when it comes to respecting the speech and web site content of its advertisers. As Perrspectives, The Nation, Slate, the San Francisco Chronicle and many others have noted, Google uses its alarmingly vague editorial policy barring "language that advocates an indidividual, group or organization" to arbitrarily drop advertisers. For a company whose mantra is "Do No Evil", that is doing evil indeed.
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