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Delay's Parting Shots

June 9, 2006

June 8th will be remembered as a good day for freedom loving peoples everywhere. In Iraq, the brutal terrorist and Al Qaeda mastermind Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed in a U.S. air strike. And in Washington, the indicted former House Majority leader and K Street mastermind Tom Delay bid adieu to Congress.
But while Zarqawi went out with a bang, Delay hardly went out with a whimper. In his House valedictory of venom, viciousness and deceit, an unapologetic Delay showered himself with praise and his foes with invective. Before returning to Sugarland, Texas to agitate for the reintroduction of DDT, Delay the former exterminator derided liberalism as a philosophy "with voracious appetite for growth." Delay, perhaps the chief storm trooper in the Republican culture war, defiantly declared, "You show me a nation without partisanship, and I'll show you a tyranny." After his address, Delay promised to continue tormenting Democrats, saying "I would imagine that I would be their worst nightmare."
For the text of Tom Delay's bilious speech and all the news, legal documents and timelines of his indictment and corrupt record in Congress, visit the Perrspectives Tom Delay Resource Center.

3 comments on “Delay's Parting Shots”

  1. ...i agree with the seemless continuum of hate from yr post at jesus general,but maybe they can send delay to the can where he can bloviate from there.this house of cards cant last...

  2. "You show me a nation without partisanship, and I'll show you a tyranny."
    Would that resemble the one-party government that DeLay helped to install here in the US? In that case, I am inclined to agree with him.


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