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Eight Years After Bogus Tea Party Rallies, Tax Marches Target Trump Returns

April 15, 2017

On Saturday, April 15, thousands of Americans will take part in Tax Day Tax Marches in cities and towns across the country. Their objective? To pressure President Donald Trump to release his hidden tax returns. The concerns are certainly legitimate. After all, Trump isn't merely the first occupant of the Oval Office in over 40 years to refuse to do so. The Donald also pledged he would publish his returns, just as he promised his tax cut windfall for the wealthy would "cost me a fortune." Americans deserve to know, as Richard Nixon explained his disclosure of his own returns, "if their President is a crook." And even if President Trump isn't a crook, the nation more than ever needs to do know who he is doing business with and whether he's getting paid in rubles.
The contrast with the Tax Day Tea Parties on April 15, 2009, could not be more stark. On that day, thousands of people took to the streets chanting "Taxed Enough Already" despite having just received the largest two-year tax cut in modern American history, all courtesy of President Obama and Democrats in Congress.

Eight years ago, thousands of the furious faithful rallied at those Tax Day Tea Parties lovingly promoted by Fox News and bankrolled by the right-wing sugar daddies including the Koch brothers and DickArmey's FreedomWorks. In addition to carrying signs like "Sieg Heil Herr Obama" and "No Taxation without Representation," many displayed buttons, hats, and posters announcing "T.E.A." or "Taxed Enough Already." As future House Speaker John Boehner summed up their complaint:

"Across our nation, thousands of Americans are participating in taxpayer tea parties today for one simple reason: overtaxed families and small businesses have had enough."

Now, there was a big problem with this claim at the heart of the Tea Party movement: it simply wasn't true.
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Jon Perr
Jon Perr is a technology marketing consultant and product strategist who writes about American politics and public policy.

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