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Hard Liners, Soft Porn

November 10, 2005

One of most ironic - and enjoyable - side stories of the CIA Leak/PlameGate investigation has been the discovery of Lewis "Scooter" Libby's trashy 2001 novel, "The Apprentice."
As the New Yorker describes at length, Libby, the right-hand man for staunchly conservative Vice President Dick Cheney, seemed quite comfortable writing about prostitution, deviant sexual acts and bestiality in his bizarre coming of age tale set in 1903 Japan. No doubt Libby's "man-on-deer" and "bear-on-girl" forbidden love scenes would make Rick Santorum and friends cringe.
As it turns out, poorly crafted, soft-core pornography seems to be quite the cottage industry among America's conservative chattering classes. Much to the dismay of the family values merchants in the American Taliban, Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly ("Those Who Trespass" - 1998) and Second Lady Lynne Cheney ("Sisters" - 1981) also write - as well as talk - trash. And speaking of, who could forget male escort turned White House press stooge turned blogger, Jeff Gannon?

6 comments on “Hard Liners, Soft Porn”

  1. Half the fun of finding out about all these "novels" is the enjoyment of posting comments on!

  2. doesn't Mrs. Cheney know that God made Adam and Eve, not Eve and Eve???
    doesn't Gannon know he used the wrong version of "discrete?"
    doesn't Libby know that, according to his first sentence there, it's the madam who is ten years old?
    of O'Reilly, I can only say "thanks for the visual!" (sincerely)

  3. i'm a sucker for deliciously wicked porn! too bad these hacks fail to deliver.
    oh, well. at least i have the internets....
    (googles "chunky" + "loofah")

  4. PNAC puppet boy and former VP Dan Quayle's wife Marilyn wrote an egregious piece of softcore called "Embrace the Serpent" (ver ysubtle).


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