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Hillary Clinton Accused of Joining Bill Frist on Cat Killer List

November 9, 2007

Hillary Clinton has been called many things by the mouthpieces of the right. Now you can add "cat killer" to the list.
In her new payday book, Bill Clinton harassment accuser Kathleen Willey lays the catricide charge at Hillary's feet. As Willey told Fox News and Goebbels impersonator Melanie Morgan, Mrs. Clinton targeted her cat Bullseye and her new kitten in retaliation for her testimony in the Paula Jones case:

"Our homes were broken into and our pets were killed. And we know that Hillary and her minions were behind the terror."

The veracity of Willey's claim that Hillary ordered a hit on her felines is, it goes without saying, highly suspect. As Alan Colmes noted, Lewinsky Independent Counsel Robert Ray's report concluded that "Willey's Jones deposition testimony differed from her grand jury testimony on material aspects of the alleged incident" and that she had been caught giving "false information to the FBI about her sexual relationship with a former boyfriend."
As it turns out, of course, casually torturing animals for fun, profit or just mere convenience is common in Republican leadership circles. The former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist was a frequent visitor to animal shelters where the future Doctor adopted stray cats only to dissect them later as part of his learn-at-home medical studies. And more recently, it was revealed that GOP White House hopeful Mitt Romney was a repeat practitioner of rooftop canine waterboarding, strapping his dog Seamus' kennel to the top of the Romney family car. (The DNC has promised to donate proceeds of a recent anti-Mitt auction to a pet shelter.)
Willey's tale of Clinton the cat killer may reveal more than a woman hoping to cash in with help from her right-wing publisher. While Keith Olbermann suspects Willey has been smoking too much dope, her pathology may be more profound than that.
Perhap Dr. Frist would be willing to weigh in with a videotape diagnosis...


Jon Perr
Jon Perr is a technology marketing consultant and product strategist who writes about American politics and public policy.

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