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Obama Disavows Wright; McCain Still Silent on Hagee, Armageddon and Iran

April 29, 2008

Barack Obama in no uncertain terms today made a clear break with his incendiary former minister, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. But despite Obama's disavowal of his one-time pastor's outrageous statements, the media spotlight continues to shine on Wright. Meanwhile, John McCain has maintained his silence on the dangerous vision of Armageddon and Iran held by his own pastoral supporter, John Hagee.
In the wake of Wright's erratic grandstanding at events on Sunday and Monday, Senator Obama made it clear he had enough of the minister's continuing affronts:

"I gave him the benefit of the doubt in my speech in Philadelphia explaining that he's done enormous good...But when he states and then amplifies such ridiculous propositions as the U.S. government somehow being involved in AIDS...There are no excuses. They offended me. They rightly offend all Americans and they should be denounced."

But 62 days after he declared himself "very proud" and "honored" to the have the endorsement of the End Times Pastor John Hagee, Republican John McCain still has not answered - or even been asked - the question that should concern all Americans:

Does John McCain agree with Pastor John Hagee that war with Iran is the fulfillment of the biblical prophecy of Armageddon?

When John McCain on April 2, 2006 said of possible simultaneous conflicts with Iraq and Iran that "I think we could have Armageddon," was he literally speaking of the final conflagration involving the mass conversion and killing of the Jews described in the Bible? Does John McCain believe, as Pastor Hagee clearly does, that American foreign and national security policy should be governed by the Book of Revelation?
Despite his assurances to the contrary, John Hagee's 2006 address to his organization, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), left no doubt where he stands on Israel and war with Iran as the fulfillment of biblical prophecy:

"The United States must join Israel in a pre-emptive military strike against Iran to fulfill God's plan for both Israel and the West...a biblically prophesied end-time confrontation with Iran, which will lead to the Rapture, Tribulation, and Second Coming of Christ"

On February 27, 2008, John McCain stood on a San Antonio stage with Pastor Hagee. When will John McCain say where he stands on Hagee's most dangerous - and apocalyptic - beliefs about Iran?
UPDATE 1: For his part, in March Pastor Hagee assured CNN's Glenn Beck that Barack Obama is not the Anti-Christ. Of course not. According to John Hagee, the Anti-Christ will be the head of the European Union.
UPDATE 2: In an editorial Wednesday, the New York Times notes that "Senator John McCain has continued to embrace a prominent white supporter, Pastor John Hagee, whose bigotry matches that of Mr. Wright." Still nothing about the end-of-times conflict with Iran.

9 comments on “Obama Disavows Wright; McCain Still Silent on Hagee, Armageddon and Iran”

  1. You're right. But I'm getting tired of your incessant complaining about McCain and Hagee.

  2. According to John Hagee, the Anti-Christ will be the head of the European Union.
    Which one ? They change every six months.
    Sarkozy, tne new Bush poodle, is the next.

  3. I'm not a supporter of John McCain, but neither is he a member of John Hagee's congregation. I've also, never heard John Hagee damn America, of say Israel is a dirty word, and as far as I know Hagee isn't an anti-Semite or run around with such people as Louis Farrakhan, running off to see our enemy MOAMMAR QUADDHAFI PRESIDENT OF LYBIA. Surely you remember him, and his actions toward our country. All of those things, the so-called close mentor and pastor of Obama's for 20 years has done. I really don't trust the judgement of someone who would stay in a church under that radical racist's teaching for all that time, unless he agreed with him. I would have been out the door the first time I hear that garbage! I wouldn't even stayed to hear the end of his so called sermon. I'm not taking the word of someone else, I saw the egotist speaking at the press club the other day, saying those very same things, and by the way, I am a registered Democrat, but there is NO WAY I would ever vote for Obama. He lacks good judgement to say the very least. He himself has changed his stories almost more times than I can count on my fingers. Also, Michelle Obama thinks America is mean. These people were never the down trodden, but had pretty much the best of everything. Wright has as well!!

  4. Mary, just stop it. I guarantee your pastor has slammed poor people, non-christian sinners, strippers, homosexuals, bill clinton. Heck, the pastor bashes each and every one of us because we are sinners and we are wrong and make us feel guilty for mistakes we make in our lives. Mary, you are missing the point in all of this. It is to paint Barack as an evil, America hating, black power, muslim. And also it is to create doubt in our minds about electing someone that might actually be against the establishment. I agreed with what Rev Wright said. But he used incorrect words and I don't agree with his choice of words. If he had chosen different words but with the same meaning, we wouldn't be having this distraction from a failing economy, a failing war, a failing gov't. We cannot allow these stupid things to impede our judgment. Because that's what has happened. Just as you claim Barack showed poor judgment in his church, we are showing poor judgment by letting this debate blind us.
    We need to stick together and demand that our media and our gov't focus on the issues. This is not an issue that is gonna affect you having a job after January 21, 2009 or having enuf money to afford $10 a gallon gasoline.

  5. Mary -
    Yup, whenever a preacher preaches about sin and failed responsibilities of nations, you be sure to stand up and walk right out of that church, now!
    Be sure to do that whenever you hear anyone criticise anything you like, too, because that's how we learn: by ignoring all criticism. Though sticking your fingers in your ears and chanting the pledge of allegiance loudly is considered an acceptable substitute.

  6. I saw the egotist speaking at the press club the other day..
    Did you miss these remarks by Wright?
    "The prophetic theology of the black church has always seen and still sees all of God's children as sisters and brothers, equals who need reconciliation, who need to be reconciled as equals in order for us to walk together into the future which God has prepared for us.
    Reconciliation does not mean that blacks become whites or whites become blacks and Hispanics become Asian or that Asians become Europeans.
    Reconciliation means we embrace our individual rich histories, all of them. We retain who we are as persons of different cultures, while acknowledging that those of other cultures are not superior or inferior to us. They are just different from us.
    We root out any teaching of superiority, inferiority, hatred, or prejudice."

  7. I agree with the commenter who wrote sticking your fingers in your ear is a great of learning about what we don't like. Ignoring it, changing the channel or station is a good way too.
    Listen to stations who scream about the things Rev Wright has said. But lets not compare them to things said by Hagee Or Parsley. Our allies stand back and look at us like we are nuts. It's diffucult to be able to have a positive foreign policy, When you have wingnuts like Hagee calling the head of the EU the anti-christ. No wonder they pretend to tolerate Bush. And having a McBush administration would probably be worse.


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