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Oregon GOP Senate Frontrunner Accused of Stalking Her Ex-Boyfriend

May 17, 2014

With less than week to go before the Oregon Republican Senate primary, pediatric neurosurgeon Monica Wehby has a healthy 14 point lead over her GOP opponent, Jason Conger. For Republicans hoping to retake the Senate in November, Dr. Wehby, the subject of a fawning New York Times profile, represents their best chance for a blue state upset victory. But before the they begin celebrating her addition to the ranks of GOP doctors in Congress, Republicans might have a new prescription for Dr. Wehby: physician, heal thyself.
As Politico reported Friday morning, Wehby's former boyfriend and current moneyman Andrew Miller filed a police report last year accusing the good doctor of stalking him:

Wehby was questioned by a police officer on April 3, 2013, after being seen leaving the area near the home of Andrew Miller. Miller, the wealthy owner of a timber company, had been romantically involved with Wehby but their relationship was ending at that time, they both say now...
But the Portland police report detailing the incident said Miller, owner of Stimson Lumber in Portland, was worried that Wehby had come to his home uninvited, and had even entered the residence without his permission. Miller said he was considering getting a protective order against Wehby, the report states.

Ultimately, Miller never went forward with a restraining order against Dr. Wehby. What the deep-pocketed conservative fundraiser did do, however, was spend tens of thousands of dollars on anti-Conger attack ads without, he claims, the knowledge of his former girlfriend. As BlueOregon explained in April:

Unless you've been living under a political rock, you know that Miller and the ever-creepy Loren Parks launched a $100k attack campaign against Jason Conger, who is running in the Oregon GOP Senate primary with Wehby. Miller claims the whole thing happened independently of Wehby and that he didn't tell her what he was up to.
So Miller is close enough to her to be her boyfriend, but not close enough to tell her that he's dropping $100k to fluff up her campaign against her opponent? That's some crazy relationship dynamics.

Crazy dynamics, indeed.
For his part, Miller claims he and Wehby remain friendly and "now regrets calling the police on Wehby."
Not as much as Oregon voters will regret if they make Dr. Wehby their next Senator. With her shifting stands on Obamacare, her tightrope act on abortion rights and her fence-sitting on issue after issue, Dr. Wehby could indeed do real harm.


Jon Perr
Jon Perr is a technology marketing consultant and product strategist who writes about American politics and public policy.

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