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January 20, 2005

January 20th has arrived and with it, George W. Bush's second inauguration. Starting today and continuing through the February State of the Union, we'll be subjected to the constant drumbeat of "The Ownership Society", the current facade put on the ongoing Republican assault on the American public interest and common good.
With the election out of the way, an unconstrained George Bush will be free to pursue his radical agenda without the moderating influence of public opinion. Like a failed, recovering drunk fallen off the wagon, a second term President Bush is metaphorically about to go on a binge at all of our expense.
For those of you who missed W's first term, here are Perrspectives' highlights of the past four years:
Terrorism, Iraq and National Security

  • Cognitive Dissonance, Terrorism and 9/11
  • The War President?
  • Are We More Secure Now Than Four Years Ago?
  • The End of the Unilateral Moment: Five Global Challenges for a New American Internationalism
  • The Economy

  • Are You Better Off Today Than Four Years Ago?
  • Enron, Markets and Grandma Millie
  • Social Issues and the Culture War

  • American Taliban
  • States' Blights: Why the Rights of Gay Couples Can't Be Left to the States
  • Slippery Slope: Democratic Wavering in the Battle for Reproductive Rights
  • White House Ethics

  • What Would Jesus Do? An Ethical Guide for George W. Bush
  • Bush's 12-Step Program
  • The Smallness of King George

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