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The Trailer Trash at Fox News

June 19, 2006

There's an old, mean-spirited joke that tornados represent divine retribution against trailer parks. If so, then Fox News is in danger of losing members of its key demographic, according to Fox News host and political contributor Cal Thomas.
Appearing on Fox New Watch this weekend, Thomas had this to say about the turmoil at rival MSNBC and his own network:

"All of them are trying to copy FOX News now to be honest. Many of them are doing tabloid, more big-lipped blondes and all this kind of stuff. There's only so much of that trailer trash pie to go around."

If history is any guide, Thomas' fellow goose-steppers at Fox won't be so pleased with his temporary bout of honesty. As Crooks and Liars detailed in February, Bill O'Reilly called for Thomas' New Watch colleague Neal Gabler to be fired after Gabler criticized the laughable "War on Christmas" outcry perpetrated by O'Reilly, John Gibson and Sean Hannity.
Thomas, of course, is an old school, crypto-conservative. But there is another old saying that claims the truth shall set you free. Cal Thomas may be about to find out.

One comment on “The Trailer Trash at Fox News”

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