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Month: October 2014

October 13, 2014
The Great Republican Tax Cut Scam of 2015

"Reality," Stephen Colbert famously explained to President George W. Bush, "has a well-known liberal bias." And for Republicans, reality bites most when it comes to tax cuts. After all, for over 30 years, tax cuts have been the GOP's one and only prescription for both economic booms and busts, recessionary slowdowns and budget surpluses, and […]

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October 12, 2014
New Wave of Cubans Seeking Amnesty in U.S.

Over the past year, roughly 68,000 unaccompanied minors crossed the Mexican border into the United States. That now-slowing surge prompted a backlash against Democratic plans to implement immigration reform, whether by legislation or executive action. Now, Republicans including New Hampshire candidate Scott Brown are warning that these undocumented immigrants might be carrying Ebola. Texas Senator […]

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October 9, 2014
Mitt Romney Forgets Where He Lives and Votes--Again

Here are two pieces of friendly advice for Mitt Romney. If you really are going to run for President yet again, you better follow the examples of Hillary Clinton and your own father by releasing a lot more than two years of tax returns. And if you want to have any hope of shedding that […]

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October 8, 2014
Cheney Resurrects Bush's Army "Not Ready for Duty, Sir" Fraud

Dick Cheney is the herpes of American politics: he never goes away and periodically resurfaces only to subject the nation to painful and embarrassing flare-ups. So it is with his latest irritating tirade about a supposedly underfunded U.S. military unready to fight. His latest rant that "we have four combat-ready brigades out of 40 in […]

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October 7, 2014
The Obama Economic Miracle

In the wake of September's strong jobs report, Megan Thee-Brenan and E.J. Dionne (among others) have concluded "Obama is unlikely to get credit for falling unemployment rate" and "Democrats aren't getting credit for the economy." The question is why. After all, when it comes to cutting unemployment, spurring investment and driving economic growth, Barack Obama […]

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October 3, 2014
Imagine Ebola Killed Thousands of Americans Every Year

News of the first reported case of Ebola virus in the United States is an even more virulent strain of right-wing outrage. While GOP Senator and 2016 White House hopeful Rand Paul worried that President is doing too much to help contain Ebola in West Africa ("Can you imagine if a whole ship full of […]

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October 1, 2014
Why Romney's Comeback Will Hit a Brick Wall

Mitt Romney's resurrection may now be the most hyped since Jesus Christ. Just days after conservative columnist Byron York announced "Romney 2016 is for real," the Washington Post, Vox and now the New York Times declared that "Mitt Romney isn't ready to call it quits." So, after Mitt Romney's repeated promises that "we're not doing […]

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