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A Conservative Theory of Evolution

April 21, 2005

On Sunday, April 24th, Senate Majority Leader Bill First will join James Dobson, Tony Perkins and assorted members of the conservative American Taliban for "Justice Sunday." This made-for-TV event is part of the Right's ongoing war against Senate Democrats' use of the filibuster to block a handful of Bush judicial nominees.
As Frist prepares to implement the nuclear option, it is worth noting the subtle irony at the center of the Justice Sunday event. As their flyer states:

"THE FILIBUSTER AGAINST PEOPLE OF FAITH - The filibuster was once abused to protect racial bias, and now it is being used against people of faith."

Today's Southern, conservative Republicans opposing the judicial filibuster are the descendents of the Southern, conservative Democrats who once filibustered against anti-lynching laws and other civil rights legislation. The conservative, religious right apparently believes in a theory of evolution after all:

5 comments on “A Conservative Theory of Evolution”

  1. Like King George, Bill Frist, Dick Cheney, Tom DeLay, as well as anyone who is not ardently opposed to these dickwads, are unAmerican subversives who would undermine the Constitution, subvert the Bill of Rights, subvert free speech, as well as any information produced by a free press, as well as attempt to undermine the Separation of Powers by jacking with an overreach into the Judiciary branch of the US Government. These same jerkoffs, who've never severed a minute in the US Military, don't seem to understand the consequence of deviding the country: if it continues, it cannot result in anything but civil war. Next, they'll say they feel safe.

  2. I'm not religious but i thought usery wasn't looked favorably upon by Jesus... i also wonder whether those self-pius men have read the Sermon on the Mount and understood it.... eh, who cares? except we have too many gullible Americans who willingly buy the snake oil...
    Anyway, as far as evolution is concerned, a cyclical movement is not progress.. just brings you back to the ..Dark Ages! And, if the radius is long enough, it might even bring them back to the Neaderthal era!
    I haven't seem much of a progressive evolution since John Stuart Mill's time.... This chap made the following observation back then..."not all conservatives are stupid, but all stupid persons are conservatives."
    I like the smell of Armaggedon in the morning, especially on Sunday!

    This time, it's about judges. The Rethugs claim the godless Demoncrats want to keep out Christian judges.
    However, here are two articles in Saturday's Washington Post that discredit the Rethugs:
    Smearing Christian Judges
    Hijacking Christianity
    The majority of Americans are Christians. That includes the Terry Schiavo judges and the Democrats in Congress. So, the Rethugs and the religious fundamentalist fanatics on the right do not have a monopoly on Christianity!
    But, that is besides the point. The Democrats MUST explain the reasons for denying 10 of Bush's picks for judges. IT IS NOT FOR RELIGIOUS REASONS! Rather, it is for all of the terrible decisions those 10 judges have made in the past. ALL of their terrible decisions must be criticized in the media and shown how they hurt rather than help U.S. citizens.
    Then the Democrats must continuously repeat the newly redefined argument for it to take hold. If they can do this, the Rethugs will back off of their nuclear option and Bush will drop his quest to seat those 10 judges.
    Finally,we must remember, the real battle that must be won this year, is passing meaningful voter and voting machine legislation.
    With meaningful voting legislation, the Democrats can take back the majority in the House of Representatives in November, 2006. If that happens, Both Bush and Cheney can be impeached in 2007.
    Without meaningful legislation, the Democrats will lose many more seats in Congress on voting day November, 2006. If that happens, this country will cease to be a two party system.

  4. I fear for my country. The Republicans use religious people for their gain. They are being duped big time and they fail to see what is going on as Repubs use them. I keep praying that people wake up before we lose what so many have fought for: FREEDOM
    Cathy Brabant
    Lincoln Park, Michigan

  5. It is unfortunately necessary to bring the new leader of the Roman church into this discussion, for he has surely stopped rereading the Sermon on the Mount and looks more into the Inquisition, for he is its direct descendant.
    He states that his is the only true religion and that all other religions, including other Christians, are in grave error.
    When his church came under heavy, worldwide condemnation for the epidemic and serial molestation of small boys, he accused the Press of fabricating the story to embarass the Catholic church. Similiar beliefs? Similiar tactics? Siimiliar scapegoating? You bet!
    He did, howaver, forget to blame Bill Clinton.


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