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Bush's Social Security Smoke Screen

January 6, 2005

As we previously discussed in "The Party of Choice", the Bush Social Security privatization is only loosely concerned about increasing market returns for retirement savings, providing greater freedom to American investors or even staving off a supposed funding crisis. Win or lose, the Bush plan seeks nothing less than to dramatically redefine the role of government while cementing the image of a majority Republican Party as the party of choice.
But you don't have to take our word for it. An email recently unearthed from Karl Rove deputy Peter Wehner bluntly states the administration's goals and strategies:

  • Wehner labeled the privatization plan "one of the most important conservative undertakings of modern times."
  • Doing so, he said, would advance the idea of limited government and could transform the nation's political landscape, "We have it within our grasp to move away from dependency on government and toward giving greater power and responsibility to individuals."
  • "The Social Security battle is one we can win." But to successfully the program, the administration must "establish an important premise: the current system is heading toward an iceberg."
  • Wehner's nakedly cynical memo, is of course wrong on virtually every substantive point of public policy. But in one claim, Wehner speaks a painful truth, a warning that Democrats are viewed as "party of obstruction and opposition. It is the Party of the Past."

    One comment on “Bush's Social Security Smoke Screen”

    1. Write the url on your one, five and ten dollar bills please.
      If you want to thwart the Republican Party then look to the companies who donate to them.
      Tell THEM you want an increase to the minimum wage.
      Tell THEM to stop social security piratization and instead lift the limit of taxable income for the FICA tax which will keep social security solvent.
      Tell THEM you want to repeal the faulty prescription drug law and replace it with a real prescription drug benefit that covers 80 percent of medication cost.
      Tell THEM you remain outraged about the 2004 stolen election in Ohio.
      They put the Republicans into office. Tell THEM what you want and boycott THEM until you get what you want. Join together and use the power of your purchases to get what you want in congress.
      Join the revolution for progressive legislation
      Write this url on your one, five and ten dollar bills. Also
      visit these fine websites
      Please call a Wendy's restaurant LOCAL to you and tell them that you will not go to their restaurant ever again UNLESS they can get their CEO to get a revote in Ohio by speaking to Kenneth Blackwell the secretary of State of Ohio.
      Similarly call an Outback Steakhouse local to you and tell them you will not go to their restaurant ever again unless they get their CEO to get a revote in Florida by speaking to Glenda Hood, the secretary of State of Florida.
      Thank you
      Sign the petition to demand a revote in Ohio and Florida
      Sign the petition to stop social security privatization, increase the minimum wage,and repeal the faulty Republican prescription drug benefit and replace it with a simple 80 percent coverage of medication under Medicare Part B.


    Jon Perr
    Jon Perr is a technology marketing consultant and product strategist who writes about American politics and public policy.

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