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January 7, 2010
For Redemption, Tiger Woods Should Become a Republican

Fox News anchor Brit Hume is rightly being mocked for suggesting that the road to redemption for a philandering Tiger Woods begins with his conversion to Christianity. But Hume's on-air evangelical fervor doesn't merely show his religious bigotry in general or ignorance towards Buddhists in particular. It also won't work, at least not with his […]

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January 2, 2010
Ohio State Makes Oregonian Columnist Eat Rose Bowl Boast

The University of Oregon has a great football team. And with 18 returning starters on both sides of the ball, next season the Ducks will be one of the pre-season favorites to win the national championship. But for all of their talent, speed, offensive firepower - and uniform combinations - Oregon was soundly beaten 26-17 […]

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November 25, 2009
Ari Fleischer Puts the BS in the BCS

It's a crisis so serious that Republican Congressman from Utah and Texas have held hearings and called for investigations. Not into the Bush's administration's manipulation of Iraq intelligence, its detainee torture, the denial of global warming or the Katrina disaster. No, the outrage is the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) by which Division I college football […]

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February 1, 2009
43 Super Bowls without the Cleveland Browns

On Sunday afternoon at 3:28 PM PST, I will be in front of the television for the Super Bowl, my annual ritual of watching the Cleveland Browns not compete for an NFL title. But while my Browns are one of just five teams (along with Houston, Jacksonville, New Orleans and Detroit) never to reach the […]

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January 2, 2009
ESPN's Gift to Ohio State Fans

For Ohio State football fans, the arrival of the New Year's bowl season can't help but produce fear and loathing. After all, the Buckeyes not only got crushed in the past two BCS title games, but on Monday face a heavily favored Texas team many believe should be playing for the national championship. Which is […]

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December 14, 2007
Bush Plays Dumb on Mitchell Report, Own MLB Steroid Role

In Washington today, President Bush predictably decried the conclusion of the Mitchell report, proclaiming "steroids have sullied the game." Even less surprising is Bush's call to put the steroid scandal "behind us." George W. Bush, after all, was the managing partner of the major league baseball's Texas Rangers, a team that featured many prominent abusers […]

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August 21, 2007
Michael Vick's Next Career: Right-Wing Pundit

With his plea deal yesterday on charges of running a dog fighting operation, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick likely brought his NFL career to an end. But Vick's next calling awaits him as soon as he is released from prison. Michael Vick, it would seem, is supremely qualified to be a conservative pundit. Far from […]

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August 12, 2007
Romney-Vick '08

Fresh off his underwhelming multi-million dollar victory in the Iowa straw poll Saturday, Mitt Romney's campaign is once again being dogged by, well, dogs. Appearing on Fox News with Chris Wallace, Romney was forced to once again defend his past penchant for rooftop canine waterboarding. At least Romney can take comfort in the availability of […]

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August 9, 2007
Bush, Bonds Extend Dubious Records

This week, two of the least trusted men in America extended their dubious records of accomplishment. Last night in San Francisco, the steroids-scandal tainted Barry Bonds added to his record home run total by swatting his 757th round-tripper. And this morning in Washington, George W. Bush held a rare press conference before commencing his annual […]

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April 16, 2007
Two Cheers for Steve Spurrier

University of South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier generally doesn't appear on anyone's list of moral exemplars in sports. His sideline tantrums, raging at referees and brief but bombastic tenure with the Washington Redskins didn't endear him to many outside of Florida, the state where he made his name. But this weekend, Spurrier showed surprising […]

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