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Conservative Threat Level Raised to Red/Severe

August 11, 2006

With this week's revelations regarding the UK terrorist plot to blow up airliners en route the United States, the Perrspectives Conservative Threat Level (CTL) has been raised to Red/Severe (Return to Middle Ages Likely).
Despite President Bush's poll numbers languishing in the low 30's, the 2006 GOP midterm platform of "nothing to run on but fear itself" got a giant boost with the UK airliner plot. Among other mouthpieces of the right, Vice President Cheney is already on message with his mantra of "if Lieberman loses, Al Qaeda wins."
This latest increase of the CTL represents a dramatic heightening of the right-wing threat. Only last month, the Conservative Threat Level had been lowered to Yellow/Elevated (Bill of Rights at Risk). That relative calm reflected Bush's short-lived bounce in the polls with the onset of war in Lebanon, carnage in Iraq, the fiasco at the G8 Summit and Dubya's embarrassing first-ever NAACP appearance.
Since 2000, Conservative Threat Advisory System has measured the risk posed by the GOP and the forces of reaction to national unity, civil liberties, and equal opportunity. Protect yourself and your country - learn more about the Conservative Threat Advisory System today!


Jon Perr
Jon Perr is a technology marketing consultant and product strategist who writes about American politics and public policy.

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