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Katherine Harris Down 30%

April 15, 2006

On this Saturday before Easter, one resurrection that looks increasingly unlikely is that of Katherine Harris. In a new poll from Ramsussen, the Florida Congresswoman and doyenne of electoral deceit finds herself trailing incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson by a staggering 30% in their Senate race.

Harris' ill-fated Senate run was stillborn almost from conception. As I noted previously, the national GOP shunned her polarizing campaign from the start. In February, the trial of Duke Cunningham bagman Mitchell Wade revealed that Harris had received $32,000 in illegal contributions from Wade's firm, defense contractor MZM. Just days later on March 4, the Washington Post reported that Harris in 2005 requested $10 million in funding for a Navy intelligence program in her district at the urging of Wade. Despite the scandals surrounding her faltering campaign, Harris on March 15 was steadfast in her determination, "I'm staying. I'm in this race. I'm going to win. I'm going to put everything on the line." Yet the wheels continued to fall off the Harris bandwagon, with both her campaign manager and a top advisor, Reagan consigliere Ed Rollins, resigning within days.
As Democrats sit in their pews this Easter, they will no doubt be praying for Katherine Harris to keep her pledge and stay in the race. Unlike Jesus, she is being crucified for her own sins.

3 comments on “Katherine Harris Down 30%”

  1. I'm sure we'll all miss Harris.
    PS. Why arent my email comments to your GREAT, always on target newsletter accepted? Keep up terrefic work, like the Aspin test that was good enuf for GOP but not for Rummy!

  2. well guys? despite what perrspective says, I am all for Harris and now look she has cleared the Florida primary


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