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Life Imitates Art for Novelist Bill O'Reilly

July 31, 2007

The falafel day fall-out for Bill O'Reilly continues to dominate the blogosphere. Atrios, DailyKos and others are still having a field day with the Smoking Gun documents from the sealed settlement in the Mackris sexual harassment case. (Decorum prevents displaying them here.) But largely overlooked in the salacious details of O'Reilly's tawdry talk to his subordinate is the years of practice he got earlier - as a novelist.
In his 1998 novel, Those Who Trespass, Bill O'Reilly showed he could write - as well as talk - trash.

But the author of the The Factor for Kids is not alone. As it turns out, the Fox News fixture is far from the only conservative hard liner producing soft porn. In 1981, Second Lady Lynne Cheney offered up Sisters, her tale of forbidden lesbian love in the Old West. And 20 years later, future PlameGate villain Scooter Libby produced The Apprentice, which featured prostitution, deviant sexual acts and bestiality in his bizarre coming of age tale set in 1903 Japan.
For more of the titillating text and perverse prose of Team Bush, visit here.
Note: The term "art" used in the title of this piece is of course applied very loosely.

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