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The Alito Files

January 10, 2006

The Perrspectives Supreme Court Resource Center has assembled a host of resources providing the background and proceedings of the confirmation hearings for Samuel Alito.
In addition to links to the daily hearing transcripts, the Resource Center includes Alito libraries from the New York Times, Washington Post, FindLaw and others. Essential documents are also provided, including Alito's responses to the confirmation questionnaire, released papers from the Reagan-era, and his infamous 1985 memo laying out a strategy to overturn Roe v. Wade. In addition to a career overview, you'll find an interactive chart of his past rulings.
The Resource Center also features links to some of the most important - and notorious - Alito rulings. This includes his lone appellate dissent in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, where Alito endorsed unprecedented spousal notification requirements in abortion cases. Both his judicial activism and shockingly narrow view of the Commerce Clause are on display in United States v. Rybar, where he opined in that a U.S. law banning private citizens from owning submachine guns was outside the authority of Congress.

One comment on “The Alito Files”

  1. I feel like I am watching the last days of the Old United States. Once Alito is in there we will officially change from having a president to having a king.


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