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The Avenging Angel Blasts Cheney, Starr and Steele

February 13, 2006

It's been a busy few days for the Avenging Angel, smiter of right-wing miscreants.
First, Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele found out the hard way that you shouldn't get caught pretending to be a moderate. The African-American Senate hopeful angered Jewish voters with his comparison of stem cell research to the Holocaust. As the Baltimore Jewish Council learned last week, Steele doesn't know from Mengele.
Just days later, Clinton Grand Inquisitor Ken Starr found himself in the spotlight last week for a fraud of his own. The self-righteous Starr and a fellow lawyer apparently concocted fake letters from jurors asking California's governor to spare their death row client's life. Starr, the Angry One laughs, still doesn't know what the meaning of "is" is.
And this Saturday, Vice President Dick Cheney, the #2 man on the Avenging Angel's Top 10 Transgressors List, gave his opponents (and at least one friend) plenty of ammunition this week. Hunting without the proper license, Cheney accidentally blasted 78 year-old, fellow Republican Harry Whittington while trying to bag a quail. Looking back on it, the Angel muses, Senator Pat Leahy was lucky to get away with an "F bomb" from the trigger happy Veep.

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Jon Perr
Jon Perr is a technology marketing consultant and product strategist who writes about American politics and public policy.

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