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Top 10 GOP Sound Bites, Surrender Date Edition

April 27, 2007

The Bushboard list of Top 10 GOP Sound Bites has seen another week of movement at the top of the charts. The Iraq war funding debate, the PurgeGate implosion of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and last week's landscape-changing Supreme Court decision combined to produce a new crop of omnipresent Republican talking points.

Rocketing to #1 is "Surrender Date." That haunting ballad from George Bush, Dana Perino and Mitch McConnell is just the latest smash hit from the GOP's double-platinum Iraq Remix LP. "Micromanage the War" and "Slow Bleed" held firm at number three and four, respectively. Holding firm at #2 is Alberto Gonzales' poignantly pathetic solo effort, "I Don't Recall" from his Eight is Enough release. And with the ruling in the so-called partial birth abortion case, the classic "Culture of Life" returned to #5 in the rankings.
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3 comments on “Top 10 GOP Sound Bites, Surrender Date Edition”

  1. What about "Full Confidence?"
    As in, Alberto Gonzales and Paul Wolfowitz have W's "full confidence."

  2. I just stumbled onto this site today googling "Republican Talking Points surrender." One of our local columnists wrote a piece today in which he used the word "surrender" 22 times in 700 total words.
    But my question is, how often do you have these Top 10 GOP Sound Bites Lists? Are they on a somewhat random schedule and are these all of them? Or are they more than once every four or five weeks?


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