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Month: April 2012

April 17, 2012
10 Things Republicans Don't Want You to Know About Taxes

Tax Day 2012 has been a busy one for the propagandists of the Republican Party. After the GOP successfully filibustered the Buffett Rule in the Senate, House Speaker John Boehner claimed that Republicans are "listening to the American people." Of course, what Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney and their allies don't mention is that the […]

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April 16, 2012
Will Mitt Romney "Self-Hispanic?"

"We're going to be able to get Hispanic voters," Mitt Romney assured big-dollars donors this weekend, adding, "We're going to overcome the issue of immigration." How the Republican presidential nominee plans to do that is another matter. After all, John McCain captured only 31 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2008. A recent Pew Research […]

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April 15, 2012
Mind the Gap

This week, Mitt Romney's former Lieutenant Governor and current adviser Kerry Healy nonchalantly acknowledged the yawning chasm separating her candidate from American women, "There's always going to be a gender gap between Republicans and Democrats." She should know. After all, she was by Mitt's side as he made - and broke - a bevy of […]

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April 14, 2012
The Romney Uncertainty Principle

That Mitt Romney will say anything to become President of the United States - no matter how blatantly false or comically contradictory - is sadly taken as a given in Election 2012. But while his pathetic pandering and transparent dissembling are not new, novel theories to explain his pathology are rapidly proliferating. Rick Perlstein sees […]

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April 13, 2012
Four Years Later, Americans Still Back Obama on Taxes

Looking back this week at his budget-busting windfall for the wealthy, George W. Bush lamented, "I wish they weren't called the Bush tax cuts." With good reason. After all, the first modern president to cut taxes during war-time, Bush's gravy train for the gilded-class helped double the national debt and produce record income inequality even […]

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April 12, 2012
How to Save Ann and Mitt Romney from Themselves

In the history book of Democratic politics, the chapter titled "Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory" is a long one. Years from now, CNN regular and Democratic consultant Hilary Rosen may be prominently featured in it. After all, she may have accomplished the virtually impossible: making Mr. and Mrs. Romney seem sympathetic. Twenty years […]

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April 11, 2012
The $6 Trillion Man

Now for a thought experiment. Suppose that I told you I had a plan which over the next decade would slash $6 trillion from the national debt of the United States. Imagine further that I promised I would achieve those savings just by closing some tax loopholes and deductions, so-called tax expenditures that all told […]

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April 10, 2012
The Buffett Rule is Nothing Compared to the Romney Windfall

With its general election opponent now certain, the Obama campaign this week has been highlighting the Buffett Rule, the Democratic proposal for those earning over a million dollars a year to pay a minimum 30 percent tax. And with good reason. After all, having paid only 13.9 percent to Uncle Sam on $45 million in […]

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April 9, 2012
Romney-Netanyahu 2012

Over the weekend, the New York Times published a glowing story of the 36-year relationship between GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney and his old Boston Consulting Group colleague turned two-time Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. But if theirs is a "mandatory friendship" which conveniently helps Romney both woo the GOP's evangelical base and bludgeon President Obama, […]

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April 8, 2012
The Resurrection and Immaculate Deception of Paul Ryan

Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan has become the perfect Republican Easter story. Each spring, Ryan reemerges with a new version of his draconian "Roadmap for America's Future." Despite being crucified each time by most Democrats, much of the press and even some members of his own party, Ryan nevertheless rises again, earning more followers (like Mitt […]

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