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Bush to Iraq Amputee: "We're Gonna Get Him Some New Legs"

July 20, 2007

Just 10 days ago, President Bush's bizarre sense of humor seemingly reached a new low when he made a 13 year old girl cry during an event in Cleveland. Today, the compassionate conservative returned to one of his favorite past-times, making light of the disabled. This time, the victim of President Bush's childlike callousness was an Iraq veteran - and double-amputee.
Surrounding by servicemen during a speech today, Bush recalled his conversation with an Iraq soldier who lost both legs in combat. The President then said of him:

"He's a good man, we're gonna get him some new legs."

Of course, this is far from the first time President Bush displayed his human side to the infirm, the sick and disabled. In May 2006, President Bush made a bizarre remark which charmed disability advocates everywhere. Pitching his troubled Medicare prescription plan in Florida, President Bush said to a man in a wheelchair, "You look mighty comfortable." Six weeks later, Bush chided Los Angeles Times reporter Peter Wallsten, who is afflicted with Stargardt's disease and legally blind, for wearing sunglasses during the President's press conference.
That's just the tip of the iceberg. As Perrspectives has detailed before, President Bush's disturbing sense of humor runs the gamut from children, the disabled and African-Americans to death row inmates and Iraq WMD weapons inspectors.
In the same speech today, President Bush lied about his support for bigger pay increases for U.S. servicemen and women. Bush's joke, it appears, is at the expense of America's military. Twice in one day.

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