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Contest: What Does "GOP" Stand For?

June 16, 2006

With the November mid-term elections rapidly approaching, Democrats are trying to counter the perception, fostered by the Republican media machine, that their party doesn't stand for anything. But what does the GOP stand for?
That's for you to answer in the Perrspectives "What Does GOP Stand For?" Contest.
The contest is simple. Tell us what you think the three-letter acronym "GOP" now stands for. With the one-time budget balancers now the budget busters and the isolationists now nation builders, what does GOP mean? Has the "Grand Old Party" become "God's Own Party?" Greed Over Patriotism? Gauging Oil Prices? Gays On Pitchforks? Got Only Probation? Guilty On Plame?
First prize for the most creative, original, irreverent or entertaining GOP definition is an iPod Shuffle. Second place earns you a $50 Amazon gift certificate. And the third place finisher will receive a Perrspectives "Conservative Threat Level" t-shirt.
Use the Feedback Form or Comments area to submit your entries. Vote early and vote often (after all, it's what the Republicans would do). The contest closes on June 30, 2006. Winners will fittingly be announced on July 4th.
NOTE: The DailyKos community is weighing in with their entries. Kossacks should be sure to comment here or use the Feedback Form so we can contact potential winners.

120 comments on “Contest: What Does "GOP" Stand For?”

  1. Drew has the winner- concise, direct, understood and to the point.
    G.reedy O.ligarch P.etrolbarons has a kind of Teapot Dome flavor to it...

  2. Mike Rogers (, and his exposes of GOP closet cases have already beaten everyone to the punch:

  3. FWIW:
    Harry Truman sid it meant Guardians Of Privilege
    a hard act to follow
    just sayin

  4. Scratch Grand Orwellian Party - Google objected (plagiarism). I should have checked first.

  5. Guild Of Plunderers
    Genocide Over Peace
    Gloating Oligarchy Puppets
    Greed Obliterates Principle
    Gouging Our Population
    Greed Obsessed Pirates

  6. Greedy Old Pharts
    Guaranteed Oil Power
    Genuine Obfuscating Pricks
    Gods Only Party
    Grim Outlook Preferred

  7. Gulling Ordinary People
    (or Gulled ...)
    The essence of the modern day Republicans: liars who get people to support things that aren't in their best interests. And, of course, the people who believe them.
    Could also be: Gullers of People

  8. Wow. I was going to come up with my own here..but "Government Over People" and "Going Off To Prison" are way better. LMAO
    This has made my day. LOL

  9. Government Of Plutocrats
    Government Opposing Peace
    Green Only Perfidiously
    Giving Out Punishment
    Going Out Promptly (hey, we can always hope)

  10. Gang Of Perverts
    hmmmm, ya might indicate what fields are required and what ain't on yer form. thanks
    and the 30 second wait's nutso.
    other than that, I'm a happy camper.

  11. Getting Our Percentage
    Gangstas Of Pandering
    Gladly Outsourcing Prettymucheverything
    Grossly Over-represented Punditocracy

  12. Gutting Our Prosperity
    Gorging On Pork
    Gluttonous Overbearing Politicos
    Glibly Opening Pieholes
    Giant Orifice Plunderers
    Gagging On Penis
    Grabbing Our Pensions
    Galloping On Poor
    ...this is fun!

  13. Gang Of Pirates
    Grossly Offensive Pricks
    But Guardians Of Privelige is best.

  14. Gratuitous Overstepping Power
    Glutton's Open Paradise
    Glory Of Post-9-11
    Geriatric Obsolete Party

  15. George's Own POOP brigade whose motto is "When George says SHIT, squat down and say HOW MUCH SIR"

  16. Governing is Our Privilege
    Government: Our Prerogative
    Gutless Oil Pushers
    Gut, Obfuscate, Pander
    Generally Offensive Party
    Grabbing Our Petroleum
    Guns Over People
    God's Our Protector
    Great Oil Plunderers
    Gutting Our Protections
    Greed Over Principle
    Group Of Powermongers
    Gang Of Plunderers
    Grok Only Power

  17. Greed Over People
    Greed Over Peace
    Global Opression Party
    Grand Oppression Party
    Good-for-nothing Old Party
    Givers Of Pain
    Gluttons Of Power
    Grand Old Perjurers
    Guilty Of Perjury
    Gang of Perjurers

  18. GOP = God of Profit
    describes what they value, what they worship, and their true belief system

  19. Graft On Parade
    Gall Of Pharaohs
    Gluttons Of Power
    Genius Of Phlegm
    God Offal People
    Grandstandin' Ol' Pricks
    Geez Om-a-gonna Puke!

  20. Sorry Stacy, I didn't see "gluttons of power" was taken, my bad. too obvious that one I guess...

  21. Gross, Offensive Politicians
    Greedy, Obtuse Party
    Godless, Oblivious Panderers
    Gods Only Party

  22. I thought of a couple more:
    Godless, Offensive Pirates
    Greedy, Offensive Parasites
    Graft, Oppression & Perversion
    Greedy, Opportunistic Plunderers

  23. I hope I didn't use any combinations that have already been posted.
    Sorry if I did!
    BTW . . . the url is to a graphic redesign of the Republican Elephant logo.
    Gaggle of Predators
    Group of Pretenders
    Generally Obnoxious People
    Gluttony on Parade
    Goons or Peons
    Goons out Pandering
    Gorging on Posterity
    Government of Perversion
    Grim Obnoxious People
    Gross Obnoxious Parasites
    Grumpy Obnoxious Politicians
    Guardians of Pretense
    Gangsters on Parade
    Gag Order Party

  24. Getting Over Paid
    Grabbing Our Prosperity
    Grinding Our Patients
    Gutting Our Priorities
    Goosing Our Posteriors

  25. Gambling on Patriotism
    Goose-stepping Over Privacy
    Gallingly Over Promising

  26. Grease On Palms
    Grouchy On Purpose
    Getting Off Plundering
    Gradually Occupying Prisons

  27. God, Oil and Profiteering
    Guilty Oil Pirates
    God Awful
    Greedy old Pricks
    God'awful Old Pirates

  28. Are all entries posted ?
    I have entered more than once and haven't seen any of my entries posted.
    Who judges this contest or how does one vote?

  29. Greedy Old Pharisees
    Grasping Old Patriarchs
    Guilty of Parsimony
    Gluttonous Oil Pilferers
    Gaggle of Prostitutes
    Gangsters, Oligarchs, Partisans
    Groveling Over Puritans
    Grotesque Obsequious Parasites

  30. I'm disappointed not to see my entries, including gasbags on parade (someone else has that the same day as my entry, I believe. . . hmmmm)
    also ghastly orwellian policies, and greedy operators preferred and one other that I don't recall at the moment. I sent them seperately, 4 separate entries.
    This contest isn't being conducted by diebold systems, perchance? Anyway, you got some good ones here.
    Michael B

  31. God's Own Pimps (it's hard out there)
    Greed Or Perversion? (why not both?)
    Givers Of Patronage (heckuva job, Brownie!)
    Gang of Partisans
    Grow Our Privileges
    Greedy Oligarchs' Party

  32. GOP Stands for..
    "Genuflection of Palaver"
    Definition. On reverent bended knee to idle talk.

  33. I have used Gang of Pirates for years but that is here above, But I did not see Gang Of Perverts, or Grumpy Old Pederasts.
    But since it most perfectly describes them I still vote for Gang Of Pirates

  34. GOP Means; Small minded, Frightened, Un-knowledgeable, Bigots Groping For A Purpose.......


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