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Convention Program: 10 Lessons for Tea Baggers

February 4, 2010

Starting today in Nashville, a strange brew of Birthers and Birchers, Deathers and Deniers will gather for the National Tea Party Convention. They will be entertained by the likes of WorldNetDaily's Joseph Farah, "War on Christians" Pastor Rick Scarborough, Andrew Breibart and disgraced Judge Roy Moore. Then on Saturday, the frothing at the mouth faithful will be fleeced by keynote speaker Sarah Palin to the tune of $115,000.
But what they won't hear in Nashville is much of anything related to the truth. Here, then, is an encore presentation of September's "10 Lessons for Tea Baggers."

One comment on “Convention Program: 10 Lessons for Tea Baggers”

  1. Assessing the Tea Bagger contingent in the shadow of the "Citizens United v. FEC" SCOTUS decision makes me ponder where Wal Mart will funnel its campaign war chest. Life becomes more complicated by the day for socially concerned "citizens" with corporate birth certificates. It's lamentable Raytheon, XE, McDonald Douglas et al won't wrestle with this same dilemma.


Jon Perr
Jon Perr is a technology marketing consultant and product strategist who writes about American politics and public policy.

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