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Encore Performance! Gonzales as Sgt. Schultz

May 9, 2007

For those who missed Alberto Gonzales' act of self-immolation before Senate Judiciary Committee on April 19, the Attorney General is set to offer an encore performance during Thursday's hearing about the purged prosecutors before the House Judiciary Committee.
As MSNBC, Politico and TPM Muckraker are all reporting, Gonzales will offer the House virtually the same disastrous prepared statement he offered the Senate last month. In addition to the tomorrow's expected endless repetition of "I don't recall," the hapless Attorney General plans to once again preemptively feign ignorance by claiming he did not review the testimony of any other official.
As I wrote on the day of his abysmal performance before the Senate, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will once again offer his Sgt. Schultz defense. Like the bumbling German guard in Hogan's Heroes, Gonzales essentially will claim "I know nothing, nothing!" Sadly, his own recent statements show that while Gonzales may be similarly stupid, he is not ignorant.
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And for all the latest news, document dumps, email archives, hearing transcripts and other essential materials in the firings of U.S. attorneys, see "The U.S. Attorney Scandal Documents Center."

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