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The Top 10 Bush Sound Bites

July 27, 2005

With the Karl Rove PlameGate scandal now in high gear, the Bush White House and the GOP leadership as usual have everyone singing the same tune. Over the last three weeks, their latest smash sound bite hit, "Don't Prejudge An Ongoing Investigation", has jumped to the top of the charts:

Click here for performances of "Ongoing Investigation" by President Bush, Scott McClellan, and RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman.

George Bush (July 13, 2005):

"I have instructed every member of my staff to fully cooperate in this investigation. I also will not prejudge the investigation based on media reports. We're in the midst of an ongoing investigation and I will be more than happy to comment further once the investigation is completed."

Scott McClellan (July 11, 2005):

"Terry, I appreciate your question. I think your question is being asked relating to some reports that are in reference to an ongoing criminal investigation. The criminal investigation that you reference is something that continues at this point. And as I've previously stated, while that investigation is ongoing, the White House is not going to comment on it. The President directed the White House to cooperate fully with the investigation, and as part of cooperating fully with the investigation, we made a decision that we weren't going to comment on it while it is ongoing."

Ken Mehlman (July 18, 2005):

"We can't prejudge this. We need to wait. We need to allow this prosecutor to do his job. And that's why I thought it was outrageous and wrong that folks were trying to prejudge it and smear Karl Rove last week....In this case what we know is most appropriate is that Karl Rove and the others at the White House are cooperating fully with the investigation."


Jon Perr
Jon Perr is a technology marketing consultant and product strategist who writes about American politics and public policy.

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