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The Top 10 GOP Post-Indictment Sound Bites

October 31, 2005

Back in July, Perrspectives took a look at the Top 10 GOP sound bites. What a difference a hurricane and two indictments make.
Catapulting to #1 in the charts after the Scooter Libby indictment is Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's smash hit, "No Underlying Crime (Perjury Technicality)." "Ongoing Investigation", the previous chart-topper from Scott McClellan and George W. Bush, dropped to #2. Moving to #5 is "Criminalization of Politics", as performed by Tom Delay, Ken Mehlman, Bill Kriston and Robert Novak.
Here's the complete Top 10 GOP Post-Indictment Sound Bites:

18 comments on “The Top 10 GOP Post-Indictment Sound Bites”

  1. #6 The smoking gun turning into a mushroom cloud was also in the NYTimes (that "liberal" newspaper)

  2. Well, this explains why I can't get my station to play "A New Kind Of War." It's finally fallen off the charts after a whopping 205 weeks in the Top 10.
    As for "Ongoing Investigation," it's boring and sounds canned to me. The hook is trite and the beat is played out. It certainly doesn't deserve the #2 spot - I suspect payola at play here.

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