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UPDATED: The Offficial Republican Iraq Talking Points

July 20, 2007

For those who may have missed it, the official Bush White House /RNC approved list of Republican talking points on Iraq has gotten a bit of a make-over in the past few days.
President Bush's staggeringly incoherent surge interim progress report last week returned "We're Making Progress" to GOP mouthpieces everywhere. Then, the Senate Republicans' successful filibuster of the Levin-Reed after all night debate brought the Rove stamp of approval for "Political Stunt." (This turn of events signaled the death of a previous GOP favorite, "Up or Down Vote.") And now, Undersecretary of Defense Eric Edelman has updated John Boehner's "Embolden the Enemy" with a twist of his own, "Reinforces Enemy Propaganda."
Here, then, is the newly updated list of official GOP Iraq Talking Points.
Current GOP Talking Points
The following GOP Iraq talking points appear to still be in use:

No Longer in Use
Many other Iraq sound bites of yore, however, have mercifully ended up on the dustbin of history.

For a look back at the changing Top 10 GOP sound bites over time, visit the archives here. And to access a repository of all the key Iraq war intelligence documents, commission reports, key memos, essential analyses and other required reading, visit the Perrspectives Iraq WMD and Intelligence Resource Center.

6 comments on “UPDATED: The Offficial Republican Iraq Talking Points”

  1. And let's not forget "precipitous withdrawal". {Actually I'm not sure if this refers to Iraq or Senator Vitter's recent escapade)

  2. As the list indicates the United States is being run by a public relations and marketing firm. The talking points they release are meant to be easily remembered, and to reinforce doing nothing as the oligarchy continues with its agenda in the background.
    The arrogance of such fools is mind-numbing. To hear the various representatives repeat the talking points like parrots is frightening in both its thoughtlessness and its conformity to an expensive and losing situation.
    Definition of win lose: It is not America and Americans that will win or lose the occupation, it is solely the responsibility of the G.O.P. It deceived Americans to serve their purposes, not those of the nation.
    It is necessary to recall that they used deceptive means to get Americans behind an illegal war for the profit of defense contractors, the oil people, and Wall Street; all of whom were cynical enough to believe that it was OK to kill a few hundred thousand Iraqis in their quest for imperial power internationally, and on the second front of the war, the conversion of America from a democratic republic to a police state.
    Americans must not forget that they and their country are victims on the second front in the war, the occupation of our nation. Illegally installed, illegitimately governing, and its pervasive corruption make the current regime in America the greatest threat our nation has faced in its history.
    The current administration and the republicans have so perverted and subverted our system of self-governance that it hardly looks like America any more.
    The perception of human dignity, civil liberties, inherent rights, and dissent has been brutalized by the current self-serving oligarchy, in a nation that detests oligarchies.
    The war being waged against America has been long in the making. It began when the deliberate divisiveness established with "The Southern Strategy" brought together all the ugly forces that exist in our society. The Republican Party is currently comprised of fascists, dictators, conformists, racists, traitors, thieves, murderers, antiques, theocrats, con men, driven greed-heads, snake-oil salesmen, propagandists, and many paid-off dupes to aid in the betrayal of democratic principles, the Constitution, and the rule of law. The and anti-American opportunists harbor nothing but contempt for Americans who are not insiders in the game of deception that conspires to use Americans to act against their own best interests.
    The founders of our nation had one thing in common; they wanted what was best for our nation and its people. This is the polar opposite of what the current G.O.P. desires, because they seek the destruction of a government balanced between two foundation concepts "the rule of the governed," and "individual rights."
    To upset this balance in one direction creates fascism, and in the other anarchy.
    The three equal branches of government exist to maintain this balance which at its core rests respect for American citizens. It does not rest on a minority of self-proclaimed elites taking anything they can get away with by deliberately crippling the system that is intended to protect us from such dangerous, arrogant, and deluded fools.
    The total lack of patriotism exhibited by the right wing should be the most alarming aspect of its war against America. It means that just under one half of voting Americans are willing to betray our nation for what they hope will result in personal gain. Every time one sees a G.O.P. representative scoff at such an idea, he should understand that if he laughs along with him he is aiding and abetting the defeat of our nation from enemies within our own society.

  3. I can't believe you missed the overuse of "Homeland" by every Administration figure and pundit this weekend including Fran Townsend.
    It carries Facist overtones and implications that people against the war are against the "Homeland", and therefore traitors.
    Scarier and scarier!
    PS-Your comments are so small in type size as to be almost unreadable.

  4. The former German National Socialist Party did not disband or disappear. It merely relocated to washington DC.
    Paid for by the bush family among others.


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